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Ask someone to pay for you

Find a Sponsor to pay off your Promise. Ask a friend or family member via Email to pay your Promise. The Sponsor can then decide whether he will accept your request or deny it. However, he can also pass it on to someone else. Of course, there is no obligation to accept a request to pay a Promise on someone else’s behalfcepting to repay a Promise is completely voluntarily. If a Sponsor chooses to accept a request, he will get further instructions on how to repay the Promise. If your Sponsor declines your request, you can still choose between other Payment methods and repay your Promise yourself.
We also offer you a secure possibility to earn virtual currency from our
Premium Partners. Parents can choose this method if they want control
over the virtual goods their children buy online. It is also a very good
solution for parents who do not want to hand their kids their
sensitive credit card details.

Pay with your promise!

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Here you can repay your promise

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No money? Here you can earn money.

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